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Hey you, this-a-way!
You can specify background images
for any visible HTML element.
In this example, the background image
is specified for a div element.
By default, the background-image
will repeat itself in the direction(s)
where it is smaller than the element
where it is specified. (Try resizing the
browser window to see how the
background image behaves.

Greetings Earthlings!

Drugs are bad for you! Drugs turn you into slobby badly-dressed winos that camp out in public places and burglar the trash of higher-minded folks. Follow the histories of how drugs have ruined bands, celebrities, music scenes, cities, et. al., and take a hint. Don't do drugs. Except for coffee; that's legit. And a bit of the ganj here and there. But, the rest... NO. Not good, never good for anyone.

You might even give some thought to just how many violent gangsters and murderers, government-affiliated and otherwise, have made their billions and their gruesome deaths purely off illegal narcotics, and think it all an industry worth boycotting.

Some drugs to avoid:

  1. PCP
  2. Heroin
  3. Cocaine
  4. Crack Cocaine
  5. LSD
  6. Rightwing Extremist Media (What? Hunh? It MUST be a drug if it's still thriving as any consumer product, licensed or unlicensed. I don't know why else anyone would touch the stuff.)

And now, a propos of nothing in particular, a LINK to a tutorial on embedding images in HTML.




Are you:





Do you hate people who read your private online materials?


Do you have people who overpolice your every word, thought and eyeblink without sufficient semantic awareness of their own linguistic or moralistic paradigms?


Also, a brief commercial:


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